Month: March 2019

DEVONthink: Indexing デボンシンク: インデックスする

DEVONthink is a “personal information manager” (PIM) with a powerful feature called “indexing.” Indexing provides one way to keep data accessible from other apps while still giving access to everything DEVONthink has to offer. This is a revised…

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DEVONthink: Getting Started デボンシンク:はじめの一歩

DEVONthink is one of the most powerful personal information managers (PIM) I’ve ever used, and this post is a revised version of one I first made back in 2014 about how to get started with it. Due to…

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The Ise Shrine Library 神宮文庫

Over the last few centuries, the Inner 内宮 and Outer 外宮 shrines at the Ise Jingū shrine complex have been amassing texts, especially ones related to Shinto, and many of these are now contained in the Ise Shrine…

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