Month: December 2018

Miyako Resorts: Shima Kanko Hotel 志摩観光ホテル

Back in October I was asked to do an interview about Ise Jingū for the winter edition of a resort hotel’s publication called Shima jikan 志摩時間. I am a historian in the Communication Department コミュニケーション学科 at Kōgakkan University

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Shinto and Japanese Traditions in English (Online Resources) 「神道」と「日本の伝統文化」に関する英語の資料(オンライン)

There are several reasons why I’ve got Shinto on my mind, in some form or another, every day. I do research on religion and warfare in 16th century Japan. I am a faculty member at Kōgakkan University, which…

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